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BRMC Graffiti Guerrilla

This video was posted a couple weeks ago and it’s great to see a full article (in French) on the artists! Excerpt of the article through Google Translate:

“This beautiful graffiti is the result of a collaboration between Diskaerosol , graffiti artist Charly and Aurélie Compain a Berruyère that after working in the music industry, is involved in the creation of music and video. What inspired this project? The American rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC dubbed) .

The duo decided to imagine and realize a graffiti referring to BRMC, visual novel. He had to act fast, “so that it fits with the French group tour ( from February 5 to 24, note ).  “On January 17, the duo moved under the bridge bypass: Diskaerosol going all day spray paint in hand, then Aurelie Compain filmed the whole execution of the work. “We arrived at 10 am and did not stop until the last ray of sunshine! “She recalls.

She shot a video edited in fast motion where you can see, about 4 minutes, the fresco rise gradually. Music by BRMC, obviously.”

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Graffiti Guerrilla from ian ottaway on Vimeo.

(French Tour, 2014) by Aurélie Compain

Lady Luck Shines on the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Los Angeles-based independent rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) is widely considered as one of the most dynamic live bands of the past decade. Guitarist Peter Hayes, bassist Robert Levon Been, and drummer Leah Shapiro have created a wide-ranging music catalogue that reflects their tireless dedication to their craft. More than 12 years since its inception, BRMC has struck it big in today’s independent artist-driven musical landscape.

Another case of striking it big happened on May 2013, when Eleanor Duckitt – a 66-year-old care worker from Cayton, England – won half-a-million pounds from the National Lottery’s Thunderball draw. The article revealed that the mother of three and grandma of six plans on treating her family to a long holiday in celebration of her good fortune. Incidentally, some of her grandchildren are also fans of BRMC, and they might be keen on attending a gig sometime during their travels.

Rock stars, for the most part, have a well-earned reputation for hedonism and excess. Indeed, it can be very tempting to squander half-a-million pounds on frivolous possessions. BRMC isn’t really concerned with living up to the “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” stereotype; they are a serious band with a serious commitment to their supporters. BRMC continues to surprise fans across the globe – Belgium, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and even as far as China – with versatile sets that showcase their sonic range. It’s not uncommon to hear heavy stompers such as “Whatever Happened to My Rock n’ Roll”, “Spread Your Love,” and “Berlin” alongside softer slow burners like “Mercy” and “Fire Walker”.

Several BRMC songs have been featured in movies, TV series, commercials, and video games. You may have chanced upon their songs in pilot episodes of highly acclaimed TV series Sons of Anarchy (“Stop”) and Bates Motel (“Rival”), or dark satirical comedies Southland Tales (“Howl”) and God Bless America (“Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”). In spite of their considerable success, it is clear that BRMC doesn’t plan on ever selling out in exchange for the trappings of fame. You get the feeling that even if they win millions of pounds (or dollars) from the lottery, their prime objective will remain unchanged: to keep playing music that will leave their fans fist pumping, smiling, and singing along throughout the night.

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