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BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB announces their forthcoming album WRONG CREATURES. The widely acclaimed California-based band consists of Peter Hayes (vocal, guitar, harmonica), Robert Levon Been (vocal, bass, guitar), and Leah Shapiro (drums). They’ve been crafting perfectly honed, bluesy, psychedelic garage-rock since 1998 and return with their 7th studio album. These rock and roll stalwarts have been praised by NPR for their “gutsy rock n’ roll” while ROLLING STONE has called their sound “expansive” and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has called it “deeply hypnotic narco-blues.”

WRONG CREATURES was produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Arcade Fire). Recorded in Los Angeles, WRONG CREATURES takes a journey throughout rock’s history, taking unlikely twists and turns, both peppered with historic influences but also having one foot firmly in the present. Their biggest focus remains in developing their own musicianship, never resting on their laurels, preparing to enhance the live experience they can offer fans. “We caught some cool performances on this record,” says Hayes.


DISC #1:

01. DFF (1:58)
02. SPOOK (3:47)
03. KING OF BONES (3:59)
04. HAUNT (5:56)
05. ECHO (5:01)

DISC #2:

05. ALL RISE (5:37)

Specter At The Feast (2013).

On January 9th, 2013, BRMC announced their new album Specter At The Feast. It was confirmed for release on March 18th (UK/Europe), March 19th (US, Canada, Everywhere else). The deluxe edition mastered for iTunes and includes 3 additional b-sides (Warning Sign, The Knife, and Angel Baby) not found on the physical CD and a digital booklet.

  1. Fire Walker
  2. Let The Day Begin
  3. Returning
  4. Lullaby
  5. Hate The Taste
  6. Rival
  7. Teenage Disease
  8. Some Kind of Ghost
  9. Sometimes The Light
  10. Funny Games
  11. Sell It
  12. Lose Yourself

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (2010) was released March 8th in the UK & Europe and March 9th in North America and is available in a variety of formats.

  • The first 50k copies in the US came on a special edition black disc. In the UK & Europe, there is a standard jewel case version containing the 13 album tracks, as well as a deluxe version that comes in the same special packaging as the US release and contains the 13 album tracks plus two B-Sides: “Martyr” and “Got No Right.”
  • The album was available for pre-order on iTunes starting in the US on February 9th and in the UK & Europe on February 8th. All pre-orders came with an instant download of the track “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo.”
  • The US iTunes Version has the album only track “Annabel Lee,” a Digital Booklet of the album art as well as the B-Side Track “1:51″ (exclusive to the pre-order period).
  • The UK/European iTunes version includes the album only track ”Annabel Lee” and the Digital Booklet. A Vinyl edition was released as well and contains the track “Annabel Lee.”
  1. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo
  2. Conscience Killer
  3. Bad Blood
  4. War Machine
  5. Sweet Feeling
  6. Evol
  7. Mama Taught Me Better
  8. River Styx
  9. The Toll
  10. Aya
  11. Shadow’s Keeper
  12. Long Way Down
  13. Half-State

The Effects of 333 (2008) is an album by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It is their fifth studio album and was released on November 1, 2008.

On October 27, 2008, the band announced via a MySpace bulletin that they are to release their newest album independent of any record company. The album is their first release through their own Abstract Dragon label. The album is completely instrumental and was available as a digital download through their official music store as from 3:33 AM Pacific Time on November 1, 2008.


  1. The Effects of 333
  2. Still No Answer
  3. I Know You’re In There
  4. And With This Comes
  5. A Sad State
  6. A Twisted State
  7. Sedated With Sterilized Tongues
  8. We’re Not Welcome Alone
  9. Or Needed
  10. And When Was Better

Baby 81 (2007) released on May 1, 2007 in the US/Canada through RCA and April 30, 2007 in the UK/Europe through Island.

The track listing:

  1. Took Out a Loan
  2. Berlin
  3. Weapon of Choice
  4. Window
  5. Cold Wind
  6. Not What You Wanted
  7. 666 Conducer
  8. All You Do Is Talk
  9. Lien on Your Dreams
  10. Need Some Air
  11. Killing the Light
  12. American X
  13. Am I Only

Baby 81 song info from

According to Hayes, “666 Conducer” is the most even blend of the last two albums, while “All You Do Is Talk” was built using 12 different guitar parts. “I played one string at a time making a chord and then doubled it,” he says. “That’s a big, thick wall of guitar, that one.” Another song, “Am I Only,” begins on acoustic “but opens up into big, distorted guitars. It also has a harmonium going along with it and some harmonica.”

Other cuts expected to appear on the album include “Berlin,” “The Show,” “Cold Wind,” “Weapon of Choice” and “Killin’ the Light.” Hayes and colleague Robert Levon Been were joined in the studio by drummer Nick Jago, who sat out the majority of the “Howl” sessions.

“When he came in for the last record, there were two songs we did with him that we left off,” Hayes said. “We knew they’d be for this one. We used those two songs as a starting point for what this album was going to sound like, and we stuck to it, for the most part.”

Who sings which song…

Posted by sleeper: Mon Nov 14, 2005 10:51:39 am

  1. shuffle your feet – peter (rob joins in the chorus)
  2. howl – robert
  3. devil’s waitin’ – peter
  4. ain’t no easy way – peter
  5. still suspicion holds.. – Peter
  6. fault line – Peter
  7. promise – robert
  8. weight of the world – robert
  9. restless sinner – peter
  10. gospel song – robert
  11. complicated situation – peter
  12. sympathetic noose – robert
  13. the line – robert
  14. Open Invitation (the hidden track) – Pete

sleeper, Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 11:09:26 am

Once more, who sings what on previous stuff:


  1. Love burns – Peter
  2. Red eyes and tears – Pete
  3. Punk song – Verses – Rob, Chorus – Pete
  4. Awake – Pete
  5. White Palms – Pete
  6. As sure as the sun – Rob
  7. Rifles – Rob (accapella intro: Pete & Rob)
  8. Too real – Pete
  9. Spread your love – Chorus – Pete. Verses – Rob
  10. Head up High – Rob
  11. Salvation – Pete


  1. Stop – Rob
  2. Six barrel shotgun – Pete & Rob share vocals
  3. We’re all in love – Pete
  4. In like the rose – Rob
  5. Ha Ha high babe – Pete
  6. Generation – Pete
  7. US government – Pete
  8. And I’m aching – Pete
  9. Suddenly – Rob
  10. Rise or fall – Rob
  11. Going under – Pete
  12. Heart & Soul – Rob

Other songs:

  • Waiting here – Pete
  • Steal a ride – Pete
  • Screaming Gun – Pete
  • Grind my bones – Pete

Howl album info from

Howl (2005) is an amazing 13 track album, which shows a considerable musical evolution of the band. From the opening track and first single “Shuffle Your Feet” you can hear a new bluesy, country-tinged side to the band, whilst never losing their groove. Through the lush, epic sounds of “Weight of the World” stripped back simplicity of “Aint No Easy Way” to the haunting “Restless Sinner” many people will be surprised at this new direction for the band.

“Well this is a whole different kind of songwriting and sound than what people know us for. The truth is that I guess we’ve written these kind of songs our whole lives, more rootsy Americana, back porch kind of songs or whatever you want to call it but never had the balls to put them out on a record, or the musicianship to really pull it off until now.”  – Robert Levon Been

Hayes conjures wounded moods with a series of affecting narratives, bleeding ragged soul all over tracks like the album’s storming first single, “Ain’t No Easy Way” and the autobiographical, vaguely Dylanesque “Complicated Situation.” Been looked beyond BRMC’s signature riff-fueled style and found direction in the ethereal vocal work of old gospel.

“Early Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, the Staple Singers, that’s my favorite stuff,” he says, an influence clearly reflected in cuts like “Gospel Song” and “Promise.”

“On those [songs] Me and Pete would go in and thrown eight or nine vocal tracks, do this whole sorta gospel, choir thing. And for us, it achieved the same orchestration as having wall of guitars on it, but it was just more unique. But a lot of instruments were sub-ed out, anything that was expected wasn’t allowed”

Take Them On, On Your Own (2003) tracklist

  1. Stop
  2. Six Barrel Shotgun
  3. We’re All In Love
  4. In Like The Rose
  5. Ha Ha High Babe
  6. Generation
  7. Shade Of Blue
  8. Us Government
  9. And I’m Aching
  10. Suddenly
  11. Rise Or Fall
  12. Going Under
  13. Heart + Soul

B.R.M.C. have a bunch of new songs written already, and they’ve played many of them in concert & in radio sessions. Here’s a short list of songs that have only been played live, released as a one-off track, and during the EPK:

  • Blown Away: awesome track that has yet to be released officially.
  • Waiting Here: from the NME Rock Revolution CD, it’s not quite as rock as some of their new songs, but their online newsletter calls it one of their best songs to date… can’t go wrong with that!
  • Seasons: This song is featured in the EPK. It’s a sad slow song with an echo-y acoustic sound like “At My Door” but it probably has more distortion effects to it.
BRMC Quotes
Robert on the Beat Generation and the importance of words from Ticketmaster:
“We wanted to somehow say thank you to that time. I think when we started writing this record, we took a lot more from ourselves to put into the work. Through doing that, I started writing a lot more and reading a lot more novels, poetry, anything I could get my hands on. I really fell in love with words again. And it was pretty great. A lot of the Beat poets’ stuff was an influence and inspiring. All of those guys: John Clellon Holmes, Neal Cassady, Carl Solomon, William Burroughs. I kind of wish there was more of that spirit today. Maybe that’s what we’re saying. Just remember it, if nothing else, and think about it. It was a time when words had a little bit more weight, a bit more meaning. That would be good.”

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