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Black Rebel Motorcyle Club reveal new album details

Filed in the USA 13.Dec.06 2:43pm

Black Rebel Motorcyle Club reveal new album details

BRMC Plugs Back In For Fourth Album
October 17, 2006, 4:15 PM ET
Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

StimTV interview from Henry Fonda Theater

Hellcar Interview from MonitorThis DVD #24 (June/July 2006)

Brothers of Reinvention: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club switches gears on latest album, HowlInterview By Alan Sculley

Not Destroyed by Madness
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Levon Been explains what happened to your rock ‘n’ roll.
by COOPER LANE BAKER, Creative Loafing Tampa
Published February 22, 2006

The Wild Ones
Thursday, February 16, 2006
relish staff report

Indie rock group rides into SRUBy: Colin McGuire
Issue date: 2/10/06 Section: Entertainment

On Their Own: Black Rebel Motorcycle rebounds after getting dropped
Posted  on Feb 07, 2006 – 08:43 PM
By Chris Drabick, The Cleveland Free Times

BRMC restored to health with a howl
by Emily H. Lanigan

The Northwest Herald: B.R.M.C. finds darkness, salvation in Americana

Under the Radar, Winter 2006 Issue (posted by anicaasharp)

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Revving up: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is still cool, and still knows how to rock out


Chicago Innerview: Redemption

The government tries to make people think music is not important or relevant in every way that they can because they know it’s one of the only things that can shake them up and make people come together and share one voice – in a much bigger way than one politician can.

story by Sara Farr
photo by Ken Schles

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Penny Black Music

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Interview: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

By David A. Cobb

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Dark Howl
November 30, 2005 by 

Let’s Kill Rave Music

Martha Biadun
© by Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #62 (Oktober/November 2005)

Finding Counterculture: Interview with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

[by Ryan Gray] 26 October 05

The Heavenly States
Visit the Band 
Buy Howl

LISTEN: Ain’t No Easy Way”

Daily Texan Online


Been tries to shake line-up changes, label drop

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club arrives in Austin, returns to musical roots

By Craig Whitney

No Depression: The Acoustic Motorbike

BRMC shifts gears and strikes a spark

by Allison Stewart


BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB [ September 6th, 2005 ]

Silent Uproar recently talked with the band’s frontman Peter Hayes about the change in sound, what we can expect from the band on future records, and the problems with our throwaway consumer culture.


Howl – Action and Reaction with the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Ticketmaster, Published November 2005

Interview with Robert

Excerpt from Sentimentalist Mag Interview w/Peter

BRMC/Peter Hayes (excerpt from cover feature issue 19)

3 Voor 12 audio interview w/Robert

Restless Sinners by Paula G 

Supersweet – BRMC describes HOWL

BRMC – The Howling Blues by Lennat Mak

Howl at the moon, FilmInk (Australian Mag)


Oct. 3, 2005, 10:26 AM

BRMC rockers pick independence over fame
Picking independence over fame
MICHAEL D. CLARK, Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle | October 3, 2005


BRMC – Take them on again

Primal Scream: BRMC Strip It All Back Down
Seattle’s Only Music Section • Sep 8 – Sep 14, 2005

Back in black, but unplugged and without the attitude

Published in The National Post on September 23, 2005

September 8, 2005

Robert Doesn’t Want to Get Too Heavy On UsBy Michelle Gilzenrat

Rebels with a change in voice
By Scott Kara
5:00 AM Sunday Oct 9, 2005

On the band’s deceptive name and the biker gang backlash it’s brought to their lives

Redemption songs: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club renew their faith in rock and roll
BY MAC RANDALL, The Boston Phoenix
Issue Date: September 9 – 15, 2005

Howling on the Inside [13 October 2005]

Robert Levon Been takes us into the studio — and through the years — for the story behind the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album.

By Sasha Denisoff 12 October 2005

A time to ‘Howl’: ’Good music’ is still the root of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s new sound
By Chris Nixon, Sign On San Diego, October 6, 2005 Interview from Irving Plaza, NYC

Guitar One, November 2005

Devil In The Woods, September 2005

Rebels without a cause: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rolls on

By Jonathan Garrett

Published September 28, 2005

A long way from the street corner

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club returns to its ‘spare some change’ sound
Metro, 9.26.05
by Amber Ray

Rebelling Against Itself: Band drops its Brit style for an American sound
Friday, September 23, 2005

Mislabeled rebels: Trio talks about fans mistaking their homeland, new album

by Blair R. Fischer

September 20, 2005

Music – September 15, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club lose their cool and find their soul with Howl.

by Jeff Inman

Total Guitar by Phil Ascott

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (2 mb) 9/1/2005

Mel Bampton speaks to Robert from the US group about their very gospel-inspired third album Howl.

An Interview with Nick & Peter, Rock Mag (translated by Lia)

A brief interview with Comfort Comes
26 NOV2004

X-clusive: BRMC “When You Lose Everything, It Becomes Simpler”

Headliners of the next Big Night Out, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, speak exclusively to Xfm Online about an explosive twelve months and their return from the brink to “become brothers again.”

Howl finds former fuzz-rockers revvin’ for heaven


Boston’s Weekly Dig

cd:uk interview with Robert, 9/2/05

Audio interview from Sommerfestival 2004


Dressing Up the Counterculture by Chi Tung

MTV Italia intervista probably from 2005

Sep 10 – Filter Podcast Download

BRMC are featured in the 3rd edition of Filters MagCast. Robert and Peter join Filter and discuss the new album and music they are currently listening to.

Peter also plays a live version of the incredible Devil’s Waitin’.

Ain’t Never Easy: Through the Eye of the Whirlpool with BRMC’s Robert Levon Been
POSTED ON Sep 02, 2005 – 05:34 PM
By Ryan Michael Painter

Back in Black
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club singer/guitarist Peter Hayes discusses his band’s new album, label, and lease on, 9/6/2005
By Paul Semel

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club tries on a new sound
By Tom Lanham, CONTRIBUTOR, Inside Bay Area

By Jon Matsumoto, Sept. 9, 2005

The Portable-Infinite, Sept. 7, 2005

Polish Interview from “Teraz Rock”
by Anna Gacek translated by wercia

They Did It Their Way: A band so contrary that it rebelled against rebellion.By Lorraine Ali, Newsweek, Updated: 11:56 p.m. ET Sept. 3, 2005

– Jaan Uhelszki, Sunday, September 4, 2005
Peter chats to Steve (Phoenix FM) about the new album, Howl, and how they had to self fund it.

V.F. Q&A: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Righteous Rebels (8/15/05)
Nylon, September 2005

Revved Up: things still kind of suck? Black Rebel Motorcycle Club after a hellish year of bust ups and a renewed sense of purpose.
by Luke Crisell
Photographed by David Reich

CMJ New Music Report, Issue 926
Bad Ass Bikers Howl at the Moon: 19th Nervous Breakup

Nearly destroyed by madness, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club roars back with Howl after run-ins with customs and an unwilling Virgin.
by Kory Grow, Photo by Ken Schles
August 22, 2005

New York Post Interview
Country Rebels: BRMC splinters, reunites, and finds a whole new way to play music
by Mary Huhn,Sunday, August 21, 2005

Interview in the Sun, Posted by Lois: Sat Aug 27, 2005 8:45:39 am
Rebel’s Yell Was Worth The Pain

Disorder Magazine, August 2005
Words: Kerstin Twachtmann
Photos: Jacqui Black

The Times, August 2005

Wild Ones Clean Up: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aren’t as sulky as they’re painted. In fact, they’re quite a laugh, Steve Jelbert discovered.

Mean Street Magazine, August 2005, Vol 16.02

by Imran Ghori

“For us, it’s just the other side of the band.”


19/08/2005 17:33

A Night Out With The Quick and the Dead

By PAULINE O’CONNOR, Published: August 14, 2005

The Fly, August 2005 (cover and interview): The Wild Ones Return


Clash Interview, July 2005

Filter Magazine Artist to watch

xTaster Street Team Page

So comments Robert Turner honestly on the return of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and their third album ‘Howl’, set for release this August.

NME 18 June 2005 Interview

Words: Barry Nicholson in Los Angeles

BRMC screech into to town
Jon-Paul Waddington, Thursday, 9th June 2005

BLACK REBEL REUNITE! Published: 18-05-2005-14-50

Update: BRMC ‘Howls’ Back On Third Album
By Jonathan Cohen, N.Y., May 10, 2005 12:00 AM EDT

Billboard biz

BRMC Peter – interview for Q magazine 2005

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“Why I Love Marlon Brando” by Peter Hayes from BRMC

from, Paul Mcnamee, 12/28/2004

X-clusive: BRMC Go Rootsy On Next Album

(Matt Everitt) from Reading 2004

Chicago Innerview: Too Cool to Flip Over the Handlebars

It’s still a pretty bad deal, and I’m glad to be in the middle of it at the same time.

story by Jay Gentile

REBELS WITH A CAUSE! Published: 10-05-2004-14-57

September 8, 2004: On Leaving Virgin and their Politically Charged New Album

Cincinnati CityBeat Print Friendly

BRMC Me, ASAP: Already a hit in the U.K., Black Rebel Motorcycle Club look for some stateside love (and continued Brit success) with new disc

Interview By Alan Sculley (April 14, 2004)

Cambridge Corn Exchange, 9.2.04 (February 9, 2004?)

WE’RE ALL IN LOVE: Bram van Moorhem interviews Robert Turner of the men in black, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (February 2004)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Interviewer: Peter Wenker

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Club classics

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are inspired by Bob Dylan, Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride and the Brian Jonestown Massacre


Text: James Oldham

Photography: Hamish Brown

Junk Media talks with PeterPeter Sax, November 10, 2003


BRMC Interview and Live Performance – Japan

We’re All In Love (Live and Interview)
2003-10-24 Zepp Tokyo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: They Ride the LineBrooding band of rockers dodge Britney, dis CNN, and get sanctioned by Hell’s Angels.
by C. Bottomley, Wed. October 15.2003 4:16 PM EDT

Back in Black: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is only so-so bored with the U.S.A.~ By CRAIG ROSEN ~October 9, 2003

The boys from the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have a reputation for being mean, moody and difficult to deal with. Not for Parmida Zarinkama though; this Rebel’s just misunderstood. (October 2003)

“There’s a heavy current going on”Mean Street Magazine, October 2003, Vol 14.04
by Aidin Vaiziri

Tortured Genius: How BRMC’s Peter Hayes and Robert Turner Got Everything Wrong and Produced One of the Year’s Most Brilliant Guitar Albums

By Michael Molenda, Guitar Player, 10/2003

BRMC interview from Livid Festival Oct. 2003

real detroit weekly – 30 september 2003

Sounding more like moppy-haired Euro gents than a brooding trio of Bay Area brats, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have been hailed as music’s answer to all those asking, “Whatever happened to my rock ‘n’ roll?”

BBC Manchester: Interview with Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Clubupdated 29/08/03

The Simplicity of Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubThe Simplicity of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
By Andrew Steenberg, August 29, 2003

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Robert) interview (audio, mp3) about the album “Take Them On On Your Own”.

Club class: They turn down six-figure offers from advertisers and refuse star treatment, but BRMC reckon their music puts them in a superior league, finds
Sam Delaney
Saturday, August 16, 2003


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I recently caught up with their bassist and co-vocalist Robert Turner while he was backstage at the U.K.’s Leeds festival:

“The whole fucking point of art is to question what’s going on. That’s art’s purpose and artists have every right in the world to do that.” –Peter Hayes, June

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How the usually reticent Black Rebel Motocycle Club are challenging the climate of paranoia and fear created by the US government with their forceful new album.

Text: Lyndsey Parker Photography: Hamish Brown

NME – June 14, 2003

Contact Music Artist Page

Interview with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (February 22, 2003)
By V. Wade Contreras

Beyond Mainstream caught up with BRMC’s bass player, Robert Turner, on Feb. 22, in the midst of the band’s current European tour.


Black Rebel Motorcycle Prep Album, Are Free To Tour

MAR 05, 2003


February 8, 2003
Dark moody types talk dealing with the media (print version) 

Hear Robert and Pete from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club exclusively talk John Kennedy through their second album, BRMC’s follow-up to their self-titled 2000 debut album, ‘Take Them On On Your Own’. Get the full story on the writing, recording and classic studio moments.

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VISIONS on screen: BRMC feature

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Blazing saddles: They wear black, blow up loudspeakers and write songs about killing the US government. 

What’s got Black Rebel Motorcycle Club so angry?

NME – BRMC Answers Your Questions September 14, 2002

Robert, Peter and Nick from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the Live Lounge
w/Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 1, May 2002

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Spread The Love
Wednesday June 05, 2002 @ 04:00 PM
By: Staff


Rebels Without A Pause: BRMC’s Tireless Cause to Bring Rock n’ Roll Back to the Fore
by Mark Redfern (June 2002)

Bonus Quotes & Photos from Under the Radarby Mark Redfern & Nick Hyman

The Wild Ones: B.R.M.C. Kick Into High GearBy Kurt Orzeck (May/June 2002)

Breakin’ the Law: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club drummer Nick Jago stays one beat ahead of the law. And the motorcycle gangs. (May 9-22, 2002) (print friendly)

“As far as when I’m on drugs, I’m not sure how wise I am.”

— Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [Vol. 2, Issue 10]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/“KEEPING THE HEARTBEAT OF ROCK N’ ROLL!” Interview

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB pictureThis week’s saviours of rock n’ rock have just over 15 mins of salvation left in them. Don Sill interviews Nick Jago of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club before that time passes.


Robert Turner of BRMC. Manchester Academy 12.05.02


Scene & Heard – April 4, 2002

The New Cool: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are all leather jackets and passive aloofness—so begins the revolution.
By Jeff Inman POSTED // JUNE 11,2007

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: ‘We’re not planning on turning into rap or something…’ 19 February 2002
Interview by Martin O’Gorman

Courtney Love likes us. So what?
BRMC have famous fans. As if they care, writes Akin Ojumu
The Observer

Do Not Wash Your Hair – Advice from BRMC (January 18, 2002?)

On Jan 18th, the Raft Talked to Robert and Peter from BRMC. Here’s the full transcript

Lamacq Live – January 16, 2002

Interview with Peter and Robert

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New To Q – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 18 December 2001

Recoil, Volume 5, Issue 6 – Members Only (December 2001)

November 2001 | Issue 20

BRMC – Salvation or Sinners???? (Oct 2001)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Robert Turner gives our Ian Fortnam a right ear bending.

INTERVIEWBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club

Virgin Records Earns Underground Success with BRMC (Virgin Records)

By: Alex Steininger [Issue Forty-Two // November 2001]

B.R.M.C. Rebels Without A Cause 

(September 18, 2001) by Niklas Wallenberg

Gigz with Peter Hayes, Robert Turner, and Nick Jago from B.R.M.C. @ 31st Street Pub


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club / interview / August 2001

Bring back my rock n’ roll: LA-based trio bring driving guitars and smart lyrics to the forefront. And oh how we need it… by Suzanne Sanders

Hell’s Angels: Fans cry for more, more, more of this Motorcycle Club’s Rebel whine.

by  (August 16, 2001)

  • Turner Overdrive: Robert Turner (left) and the rest of the rebels rev their engines.

July/August 2001 Request Article

Steve Baltin + photograph by Andrew Bessler

Revved-Up Rock: The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rides roughshod over today’s guitar gods

By Jennifer Maerz Wednesday, Jun 27 2001

Ken Schles

Indie Shop Interview, July 24, 2001

El Rey Theatre, Hollywood, CA

The wild ones: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a band of California Anglophiles, is nowhere near angelic


This article was published on .

B.R.M.C., left to right: Peter Hayes, Robert Turner, Nick Jago. Where’s my Vincent Black Shadow?

HipOnline – Out of the Dark

by charlie crane, HIP ONLINE MAY 21, 2001

B.R.M.C. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club On Sale Now For $13.48 - Click Here To Buy It!

B.R.M.C. Proves That Indie Spirit Can Still Drive a Major-Label Deal

By: Natalie Nichols – Star Tribune Company

May 3rd 2001 5:46pm

The Wild Ones: BRMC comes to your town

By  Wednesday, Apr 18 2001


By GERRY GALIPAULT (April 15, 2001)


Interview with Robert Turner and Nick Jago (April 6, 2001)

Black Rebel Publicity Photo

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Approximate dates/years

The Raft has a bad habit of not putting dates on most of their interviews.

Swinging axes and grinding words. here’s BRMC (2003)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Van May Be Broken But Their Amps Aint! (2002)

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