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    1. This FAQ page is for Frequently asked questions about the band, if you have any to add – let me know!
  1. Who are Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC)?
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are an American independent rock n’ roll band based in Los Angeles, CA who have played music together for over 15 years. The members are Peter Hayes (guitars, bass, keys, vocals), Robert Levon Been (bass, guitars, piano, vocals) and Leah Shapiro (drums, percussion, vocals), who replaced original drummer Nick Jago in 2008. They are currently finishing up a European tour in Greece supporting of their 7th studio album Specter at the Feast.
  2. Why are BRMC important in music today?
    They have carved out an interesting niche in a musical landscape that has changed greatly from a record label-radio buzz type business to a more word of mouth, independent artist-driven industry.  As the digital format takes a firmer grip on music, they continue to retain a very traditional approach to how music is made and sold. They have also demonstrated support towards awareness of serious issues like human trafficking and modern day slavery, with their involvement in the Not For Sale campaign.
  3. What do BRMC sound like?
    BRMC’s music is an ever evolving combination of many influences, some of their mentioned influences include Ride, The Stooges, My Bloody Valentine, Spiritualized, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, and gospel music. They are considered influential among neo-psychedelic bands such as The Black Angels, the Warlocks, and Brian Jonestown Massacre. They were often compared to the Jesus and Mary Chain early on, though they more often cite The Verve and the Stone Roses as influences.
  4. Why do they always wear black?
    It’s more out of comfort and convenience than an intentional image that they’re developing. They seem to be more comfortable in the dark and wearing dark colors… it’s too bad that people make such a big deal about their clothes and hair when it’s the music that they’re trying to emphasize.
  5. Where can I get some lyrics and guitar tabs?
  6. Where did the name “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club” come from?
    The name is from the Marlon Brando classic “The Wild One.” According to interviews, the name of the meaner rival gang (The Beetles) was taken.
  7. What is a Specter at the Feast?
    According to Wiktionary:  After Banquo in Shakespeare’s Macbeth (1606); Macbeth murders Banquo, whose ghost subsequently appears at a feast, unseen by all but Macbeth.
    According to Robert in an interview with Q Magazine:
    “We were playing around with the word spectre for a while and Leah actually found an act in Macbeth was called Specter At Feast. There are a few reasons for the title… Is it us, or outside of us? Are we three the spectres and the record is the feast? It just felt right for this time.”
  8. What does the phrase “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” mean?
    According to Leah from an interview with BangBangBerlin:
    “Back in the old days it was the beating of the drums to call the soldiers back home and then it later became how you refer to someone who is twitching or about to jump out of their own skin. It hasn’t been used in a while and it stuck with us. It was something that made sense and it fit.”
  9. What bands have they been in previously?
    Most people know that Peter played guitar on the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Give it Back” album from 1997. Robert and Peter played in another band called Wave with the guitarist of the now-defunct Stratford 4. Robert played bass in a band called The Beggars under the name Robert Locke. They released a self-titled album in 1995, which was produced by Michael Been (of the Call, and Robert’s father) and had a single called “Lovely Soul Detonator” that got a little radio play. The album has a “Thank You” to Peter Hayes. Leah used to drum for Dead Combo, and toured with the Raveonettes during the Lust Lust Lust tour.
  10. Who is Spike and how was he involved with BRMC?
    Spike Keating was the 4th man on stage during the HOWL tour who filled in for Robert on bass while he played piano. Spike also played guitar and keyboard on some songs.
  11. Why did Robert change his name (Turner to Levon Been & vice versa)?
    He went by Turner since that was the name of Mick Jagger’s character in the movie Performance. His father is Michael Been of the Call, so he wanted to distance himself from the name by changing it. His parents gave him the middle name Levon after Levon Helm, the drummer of the Band.
  12. Where can I see former BRMC drummer Nick Jago’s artwork?
    Supersweet has a few pages of his work:
    For the next few days, you can even  put in a bid on ebay for his original sketchbook!
  13. What kind of car are BRMC driving in the Stop video?
    A Black Oldsmobile Cutlass:Posted Sat Jan 7, 2006 2:03 PM juepucta wrote:No idea if this is the right year, but:
  14. Where does the name of the 4th album “Baby 81″ come from?According to Robert: As far as the mysterious album title goes… Jago thought of calling the album ‘BABY 81′ a little while back. It comes from a story during the Tsunami about a lost child. It was the 81st baby admitted to this hospital in Kalmunai and nine mothers came forward to claim the child as their own.

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