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BRMC Bootlegs and Live Albums
    Ambassador Theatre, Dublin (5/13/04)
    Munich, Germany (11/28/03)
    U.S. Radio, Morning Becomes Eclectic (10/31/01) KCRW, Lamacq
    Barcelona, Spain, 4/3/02 (12 tracks)
    FIB Bennicassim 2002 (10 tracks - 44 minutes)
    2005.11.09 - hamburg - saturn (10 acoustic songs)
    Barfly, Camden, London, 8-25-2005 (20 songs)
    Cambridge 10-18-05 (21 songs)
    Elysée Montmartre 2005 (25 songs)
    Folk A Rock, Malm, Nov 16, 2005. 19_15 CET (6 acoustic songs by Robert)
    Germany, Munich  Georg-Elser-Hallen  25 October 2005 (21 songs)
    Glastonbury Festival 2004 (14 songs)
    Grimeys New and Preloved Music 2-24-2006 6_00 PM WRLT-FM Broadcast of In-Store (6 songs acoustic)
    Kool Haus Toronto May 26 2007 (26 songs)
    Leeds Cockpit, June 18, 2005 (18 songs)
    Little Radio Warehouse 5_28_05 (17 songs)
    Live At The 9_30 Club (20 songs)
    London Bridge Vaults, 4.6.06 (18 songs)
    November 20, 2005  Den Atelier  Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (29 songs)
    Reading Festival, August 26, 2005 (11 songs)
    Riff'n biffs festival, MONS EXPO NOV 5 2005 (16 songs)
    st gallen, switzerland 03_07_2004 (12 songs)
    The Junction  Cambridge, UK  October 18, 2005 (22 songs)
    The Metro  Chicago, IL  2006-02-08 (10 songs)
    Astoria London, 11-20-05
    Cologne, 6-19-02
    Dublin Village 2-26-07
    King Tuts Wah Wah Hut 3-1-07
    Edinburgh, 10-21-05
    St. Louis 2-25-06
    NXNE Acoustic Gig
    Sheffield Arena 2-16-07
    The Black Sessions 2003
    The 4th album: Baby 81!

      "Baby 81" will be released on May 1, 2007 in the US/Canada through RCA and April 30, 2007 in the UK/Europe through Island.

    The track listing:

    1. Took Out a Loan
    2. Berlin
    3. Weapon of Choice
    4. Window
    5. Cold Wind
    6. Not What You Wanted
    7. 666 Conducer
    8. All You Do Is Talk
    9. Lien on Your Dreams
    10. Need Some Air
    11. Killing the Light
    12. American X
    13. Am I Only

    New song info from Billboard.com:

    According to Hayes, "666 Conducer" is the most even blend of the last two albums, while "All You Do Is Talk" was built using 12 different guitar parts.

    "I played one string at a time making a chord and then doubled it," he says. "That's a big, thick wall of guitar, that one."

    Another song, "Am I Only," begins on acoustic "but opens up into big, distorted guitars. It also has a harmonium going along with it and some harmonica."

    Other cuts expected to appear on the album include "Berlin," "The Show," "Cold Wind," "Weapon of Choice" and "Killin' the Light."

    Hayes and colleague Robert Levon Been were joined in the studio by drummer Nick Jago, who sat out the majority of the "Howl" sessions. "When he came in for the last record, there were two songs we did with him that we left off," Hayes said. "We knew they'd be for this one. We used those two songs as a starting point for what this album was going to sound like, and we stuck to it, for the most part."

    Who sings which song... Posted by sleeper: Mon Nov 14, 2005 10:51:39 am

    shuffle your feet - peter (rob joins in the chorus)
    howl - robert
    devil's waitin' - peter
    ain't no easy way - peter
    still suspicion holds.. - Peter
    fault line - Peter
    promise - robert
    weight of the world - robert
    restless sinner - peter
    gospel song - robert
    complicated situation - peter
    sympathetic noose - robert
    the line - robert
    Open Invitation (the hidden track) - Pete

    sleeper, Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 11:09:26 am

    Once more, who sings what on previous stuff:


    Love burns - Peter
    Red eyes and tears - Pete
    Punk song - Verses - Rob, Chorus - Pete
    Awake - Pete
    White Palms - Pete
    As sure as the sun - Rob
    Rifles - Rob (accapella intro: Pete & Rob)
    Too real - Pete
    Spread your love - Chorus - Pete. Verses - Rob
    Head up High - Rob
    Salvation - Pete

    TTO, OYO:

    Stop - Rob
    Six barrel shotgun - Pete & Rob share vocals on verses and Chorus
    We're all in love - Pete
    In like the rose - Rob
    Ha Ha high babe - Pete
    Generation - Pete
    US government - Pete
    And I'm aching - Pete
    Suddenly - Rob
    Rise or fall - Rob
    Going under - Pete
    Heart & Soul - Rob

    Other songs:

    Waiting here - Pete
    Steal a ride - Pete
    Screaming Gun - Pete
    Grind my bones - Pete

    from xTaster.co.uk:

    "Howl"... is an amazing 13 track album, which shows a considerable musical evolution of the band.

    From the opening track and first single "Shuffle Your Feet" you can hear a new bluesy, country-tinged side to the band, whilst never losing their groove.

    Through the lush, epic sounds of "Weight of the World" stripped back simplicity of "Aint No Easy Way" to the haunting "Restless Sinner" many people will be surprised at this new direction for the band.

    Well this is a whole different kind of songwriting and sound than what people know us for. The truth is that I guess we've written these kind of songs our whole lives, more rootsy Americana, back porch kind of songs or whatever you want to call it but never had the balls to put them out on a record, or the musicianship to really pull it off until now. (Robert)

    Hayes conjures wounded moods with a series of affecting narratives, bleeding ragged soul all over tracks like the album’s storming first single, “Ain’t No Easy Way” and the autobiographical, vaguely Dylanesque “Complicated Situation.”

    Been looked beyond BRMC’s signature riff-fueled style and found direction in the ethereal vocal work of old gospel.

    “Early Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers, the Staple Singers, that’s my favorite stuff,” he says, an influence clearly reflected in cuts like “Gospel Song” and “Promise.”

    “On those [songs] Me and Pete would go in and thrown eight or nine vocal tracks, do this whole sorta gospel, choir thing. And for us, it achieved the same orchestration as having wall of guitars on it, but it was just more unique. But a lot of instruments were sub-ed out, anything that was expected wasn’t allowed”

    "Take Them On, On Your Own" (2003) tracklist

    1. Stop
    2. Six Barrel Shotgun
    3. We're All In Love
    4. In Like The Rose
    5. Ha Ha High Babe
    6. Generation
    7. Shade Of Blue
    8. Us Government
    9. And I'm Aching
    10. Suddenly
    11. Rise Or Fall
    12. Going Under
    13. Heart + Soul

    B.R.M.C. have a bunch of new songs written already, and they've played many of them in concert & in radio sessions.

    A few of their new songs can be heard in the 15 minute long EPK, which was at the-raft.com and the official site has an online jukebox and a video of their amazing Cactus Club show:

    * Blown Away: I haven't heard it, but I'm guessing it's good.

    * Waiting Here: from the NME Rock Revolution CD, it's not quite as rock as some of their new songs, but their online newsletter calls it one of their best songs to date... can't go wrong with that!

    * Heart + Soul: perhaps from the extended jam at the end of Salvation... I think it has a Spiritualized influence, but more of their melodic rock than the garage-sound.

    * We're All in Love (with Something That We Can't See): Another amazing new song, it's really easy to sing along to. Nice swirling guitars which continue to build thoughout... it's poppy like Ride's "Twisterella". According to the latest NME interview, it's more of a straightforward rock song, like the Rolling Stones.

    *Seasons: This song is featured in the EPK. It's a sad slow song with an echo-y acoustic sound like "At My Door" but it probably has more distortion effects to it.

    *Generation: Another song featured in the EPK, it almost sounds like a classic rock cover with a lyric like "I don't feel a part of this generation."

    * Shuffle My Feet: catchy country/folk sound w/a nice beat, notable lines are: "Who knows... if I'll see you again" & "Time... gonna save my soul"

    * 666 Conducer: featured in the new online jukebox, it's one of those folky country-tinged acoustic songs we all know and love. It sounds similar to "Shuffle My Feet" - not sure what the song is about, I'll need a few more listens.

    * Shade of Blue: starts out slow and sad & goes into some excellent soaring guitar & bass lines! Truly inspirational, it may be my favorite new song already.

    * High/Low: has a truly memorable riff & really cool distortion. Definitely one of the coolest songs I've ever heard! It's the kind of song you wish would never end...

    * Complicated Situation: a sad but beautiful story telling song w/ nice falsetto vocals by Peter in the chorus. Sounds great acoustic!

    * Stop: Robert explains it from an interview w/Carling Live: "we play it right after Fail Safe - they're almost one because the bass line changes, so the last ten seconds of Fail Safe becomes the bass line of this new song, that's how it came to life. We've never played it any other way." So, I have heard this song!

    * Kill the US Government: really cool song they often play live, it's on Q's Rise & Shine CD - but it will likely be censored for America if it is released here.

    * Fail-Safe: another live favorite, which has some great lyrics building to the chorus: "As you blacken my name, as you poison my vein..." Another great song to learn and sing.

    * Screaming Gun: left off of the last album, but who knows if it'll show up on the next one. It has a laid back sound & a nice harmonica solo... said to be inspired by Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre (a band Peter played Guitar with in 1997... they also raised money for Anton's bail during their "Spread Your Love" video shoot)

    * anyone with more new song info, please e-mail me so I can put it up here!