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What kind of gear do they use?

This is often discussed on the unofficial forum:

From Guitar Player October 2003:

Rebel Gear Traders

Guitar: Gibson ES-335.
Bass: Epiphone EB-2.
Amps: Fender Super Twin and Twin Reverb, Hiwatt, Ampeg SVT.
FX: Ibanez Tube Screamer, Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo Stereo Pan.
Strings: Dean Markley, gauged .013, .014, .018, .036, .052, .056 (“I like them because I can almost feel the ridges, says Hayes. “Some strings feel too elastic.”)
One “secret” tuning used on Take Them On, On Your Own: [low to high] D, D, D, F#, A, D.

The official forum also seems to discuss this often. From a recent post:

"Rob's amp is an Ampeg Svt-II 300W tube amp, which drives two Ampeg 8x10 speaker cabinets. Sometimes he adds an Ampeg Svt Classic (also 300W) for the second cabinet.

Rob's pedalboard contains several hard to identify distortion pedals. The big one on the right seems to be an Electro Harmonix Tube Zipper. He likes to run several pedals at once in order to achieve different layers and shades of distortion.

Rob plays with a pick. This, the shortscale instument, using distortion, etc, it all reflects his way of playing the bass more like a low-tuned guitar."

from the german fansite of brmc!!! www.brmc.de

Peter's setup (2001) according to Guitar Geek:


Amps: Fender Twin Reverb Combo 1965 Reissue/ 2x12
Guitars: Gibson ES-335 Electric Guitar

Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo Stereo Pan
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Overdrive
TC Electronic TCF Chorus/Flanger

Rack: Roland GP-8 Preamp / Multi-FX
Strings: Daddario Strings

Recent gear info from Guitar One Magazine (November 2005):

"Hayes made the record with a hand-me down Suzuki acoustic and a few unplugged Gibson archtops. Been polished his acoustic chops on his '74 Yamaha dreadnought, and used a Telecaster for lead licks."

Rocky_Raccoon Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 11:49:12 am

"Peter uses mainly Gibsons. He has many different versions of ES's, probaly all vintage. Some have vibrato's some don't. Both have been sporting some really old Gibson ES 125 style guitars recently that are very expensive and hard to come by. He also uses Gibson's for his acoustics, he seems to have a couple of J200's. He has also been using a Fender Telecaster 1972 deluxe reissue (kojboj) in black.

Robert uses a couple of Epiphone Rivoli's which aren't produced anymore and again are hard to come by."


Rob's pedal board, from rrmc (Posted Sun Jan 22, 2006 6:19 AM):

"the right one ond the third picture is defenetily a tube zipper, right. the next one (left of it) is a tube screamer

the next one could be a pro co rat but i'm not quite sure. maybe an early issue. or i could be a voodoo axe(fuzz) or an voodoo 1(distortion)

hmm and the three boss pedals? the left one is a just a tuner. the one with the black knobs might be an boss sd2

the one with the blue knobs could be a boss dd3 or dd6 digital delay

only three left
one is just a simple a/b box (maybe self-made), but i don't have any clue about the big one with the 5 knobs and the small black one (which is blue red in the first picture)"