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BRMC FM4 Radio Session video

On Monday, December 4, 2017, BRMC did a live radio session!

Radio FM4 Austria – video streamed on their site and Facebook Live:

The setlist of the evening

  1. All Rise (Robert Piano)
  2. Fault Line (Peter Solo)
  3. The Toll (Peter Solo)
  4. Complicated Situation (Peter Solo)
  5. Circus Bazooko (Robert Solo)
  6. Shuffle Your Feet
  7. Haunt
  8. Question Of Faith
  9. Screaming Gun
  10. Weight Of The World
  11. Ain’t No Easy Way
  12. Feel It Now (Peter Piano)


  1. Love Burns
  2. Sympathetic Noose

Peter Hayes feature on Sonar FM Chile

Sonar FM Chile has posted their feature/interview with Peter Hayes including a few teaser videos on Facebook and Twitter:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


[fbvideo link=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


[fbvideo link=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


The whole video runs over 30 minutes with introductions in Spanish, interview portions in English (subtitled in Spanish) and includes Peter’s comments on Nine Inch Nails “Wish”:


Night Beats w/Robert Levon Been @ Ace Theater 5/1/16

BRMC posted a couple videos of the Night Beats at the Ace Theater with Robert on their Facebook page, check them out:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”600″ height=”480″ onlyvideo=”1″]

[fbvideo link=”” width=”600″ height=”480″ onlyvideo=”1″]


“Conscience Killer” from BRMC’s live DVD/CD “Live In Paris”

Yesterday marked 3 years since the release of “Specter at the Feast” and the first show of the South American dates at House of Vans in São Paulo, Brazil. There are a number of videos and photos already posted online. Many more are posted on this site’s Facebook page, plus links to many new interviews (in Spanish and Portuguese) are added to the Interview page.

Also, you can view a clip of “Conscience Killer” from “Live in Paris” below:

“Teenage Disease” from Live In Paris

Watch “Teenage Disease” from Live In Paris now on YouTube

This is a clip from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s live DVD/CD “Live In Paris”.

Available now on Amazon:

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VIDEO: BRMC at festival Musiques en Stock

CultureBox has posted video on their website of BRMC’s recent performance at the Festival Musiques en Stock on July 2nd, 2015 which is also embedded below:

Culturebox, cultural offerings at the request of France Télévisions, offers exclusive live concert “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the festival Musiques en Stock.” This concert is available in replay of Sunday, July 5, 2015 to Tuesday, January 5, 2016. You can watch this live for 184 days.

Date : 02 juillet 2015
Durée : 50min
Genre : Musique
Festival : Musiques en Stock
Réalisation : Nicolas Micha
Production : Sequence SDP

UPDATE: CultureBox has also posted the full concert on YouTube!

Scare the Square video

There’s a video for the BRMC track that was given away for Christmas:

Video for “Lose Yourself” + The Call in HD

Check out the new video BRMC posted today:

“Hey everyone, we want to share a new music video which cinematographer Kate Arizmendi and Director Pele Kudren collaborated on for the song “Lose Yourself” from Specter At The Feast. Kate & Pele really felt connected to the video and the song, and contacted us about the project and we’re glad to be able to premier it here for you guys-
– BRMC ​

Directed by Pele Kudren and Katelin Arizmendi
Cinematography by Katelin Arizmendi
Creative Direction by Tafv Sampson
Wardrobe by Alexis Johnson
Production Design by Alexis Johnson

Augustine Hargrave
Katherine Rodriguez

Also, if you want to watch The Call Live show in HD, it is now available through iTunes:

The Call: A Tribute to Michael Been featuring Robert Been, filmed at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA is now available to download in a brand new HD format.

Purchase on iTunes now:

Zanne Festival 2014 Trailer – Catania 18/19/20 Luglio


L’Associazione culturale Kizmiaz è lieta di annunciare la seconda edizione di Zanne Festival, che si terrà a Catania dal 18 al 20 luglio 2014.

Obiettivi principali del festival sono: la promozione della grande musica internazionale, lo scambio culturale e la sensibilizzazione alle tematiche ambientali.

Molte le attività collaterali, a partecipazione totalmente gratuita, che animeranno le tre giornate sin dal mattino: workshop di danze dal mondo, yoga, laboratori per i più piccoli, corsi di chitarra, mostre fotografiche e del vinile da collezione.


Regia: Zavvo Nicolosi
Fotografia: Jacopo Saccà
Assistente alla Fotografia: Corrado Vasquez
Montaggio: Zavvo Nicolosi, Jacopo Saccà
Post produzione: Jacopo Saccà
Audio Editing: Riccardo Nicolosi
Cast Tecnico: Riccardo Nicolosi, Francesco Ciaramella, Simona Strano, Stefano Laudani, Marco Riscica, Angelo Carciola, Elisa Di Bella
Elefante Adulto: Salvatore Ragusa
Elefante Adolescente: Francesco Ciaramella
Maschera: Claudia Gambadoro
Torta: Francesca Danzì
Altri attori in ordine di apparizione: Angelo Graceffa, Paolo Corbo, Giovanni Gibiino, Antonio Maresca, Lorenzo De Mariano, Luigi Virgillito, Marco Riscica, Riccardo Zino, Peppino e Rita, Katia Urzì, Adriana Scalia, Stefano Laudani, Moby, Catherine Ma, Andrea Mangione, Marco Mangione
Si ringraziano: Cinema King, Salvatore Toscano, Youngo Etnapolis, Lorenzo Salemi, Dimitri Di Noto, Donatella Sinatra, Bibiana Lucifora, Bianca Scicolone, Samantha Scuderi, Luigi Virgillito, Walter Russo, Laura Lo Faro, Giovanni Gibiino, Maazzeni Virgillito, Ist. Comprensivo Guglielmo Marconi – Paternò, Andrea Pappalardo, Andrea Torrisi, Dino Costa
Music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread Your Love, Blonde Redhead – Melody
Prodotto da Sinister Film/Ass. Cult. Kizmiaz © 2014
Produzione esecutiva Ground’s Oranges

Music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Spread Your Love, Blonde Redhead – Melody

Prodotto da Sinister Film/Ass. Cult. Kizmiaz © 2014

Produzione esecutiva Ground’s Oranges

BRMC Graffiti Guerrilla

This video was posted a couple weeks ago and it’s great to see a full article (in French) on the artists! Excerpt of the article through Google Translate:

“This beautiful graffiti is the result of a collaboration between Diskaerosol , graffiti artist Charly and Aurélie Compain a Berruyère that after working in the music industry, is involved in the creation of music and video. What inspired this project? The American rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC dubbed) .

The duo decided to imagine and realize a graffiti referring to BRMC, visual novel. He had to act fast, “so that it fits with the French group tour ( from February 5 to 24, note ).  “On January 17, the duo moved under the bridge bypass: Diskaerosol going all day spray paint in hand, then Aurelie Compain filmed the whole execution of the work. “We arrived at 10 am and did not stop until the last ray of sunshine! “She recalls.

She shot a video edited in fast motion where you can see, about 4 minutes, the fresco rise gradually. Music by BRMC, obviously.”

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Graffiti Guerrilla from ian ottaway on Vimeo.

(French Tour, 2014) by Aurélie Compain

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