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“Trilogy (Part 1) May Never Be Done”

A new old BRMC track was posted earlier today is available to listen to on Soundcloud!

“Trilogy (Part 1) May Never Be Done”

Thought we’d share with all of you, a found, lost one (Not on the vinyl record). This song was an 11 minute 3 part song with a small tuning change in the middle and no name, so Trilogy became the working title. This was one of the last songs recorded before moving to Los Angeles. With the 1st and last guitar I’d ever break on purpose.

The tunning is somewhere between C# G# C# G G# C# @ 435 or a flat C# @440.

All the original tuning pegs split/broke on me so these were my custom fixes. After using a small locking plier for tuning. I finally ended up using solder to create my own pegs.

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