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Converse Represent SF videos

Here’s Converse’s video of “Hate The Taste.” Download this track from Converse on Soundcloud!

Here’s my video of “Rival”:

And my video of “Firewalker”:

Lastly, my slightly edited photos on Flickr:

GaroRock Festival Broadcast with BRMC!

Garorock Festival Screencap

Streaming video of BRMC playing Garorock Festival in Marmande, France!

Find the video player on:
– The site>
– The blog>
– Facebook page> / festival.garorock
– SFR Live Concerts> http://bit. ly/11IEAWU

Saturday, June 29
Erevan Tusk (Winner SFR Jeunes Talents, 6:55 p.m.) **
Willy Moon (7:45 p.m.)
Vitalic VTLZR ** (21h)
Skip The Use (10:15 p.m.)
Bloc Party (23:30)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (0:45) – that’s 12:45 AM Central European Time, 3:45 PM PST!

Thanks to Paulette OrNot for sharing this and for the help with conversion!

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