BRMC @ Great American Music Hall and The Duke Spirit @ The Metro  
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Of Montreal, Tilly and the Wall, Numbers
@ The Great American Music Hall
Thursday, June 2, 2005

Tonight was a really good show. The will call line was surprisingly
long, so it took awhile to pick up our tickets. When we finally got
inside the first opening band Numbers was already playing. They were
unusual because the female drummer was also the singer. They also had
a moog player and a guitarist (I think). Their music was mostly poppy
indie rock, though their best song was very moog-heavy and
electronic-sounding. The singer/drummer's voice was a little rough at
times, which made it occasionally difficult to listen to.

The next band Tilly and the Wall started their set with a clapping
stomping cheer that was pretty amusing. They consisted of three main
female singers (with one backup), bookended by very similar looking
acoustic guitarist and keyboard player. Their vocals was a lovely
combination of the singers voices alternating with the guitarist
singing occasionally. Musically they were excellent, very catchy pop
songs with the occasional ballad. The crowd loved them so much that
they were cheering for an encore, though they couldn't since they
weren't the headliners.

Of Montreal played much more electrified danceable rock music than I
expected. Being part of the second generation of the Elephant 6
collective, I kind of thought they'd be more poppy. They were still
very poppy, though they were actually much more dance-y at some
points. It was interesting to see a few of the band members move from
drums to guitar (with butterflies on them) to keyboard to trumpet. The
singer/guitarist actually made two wardrobe changes. The first time he
changed from a blue coat to a sheer neon green shirt and a blue knit
cap. At that point, he put down his guitar and became more of a rapper
than a singer. It was kind of strange.

The second time he changed (offstage), one of the bassists (they have
2) sang out introductions of the other band members. When the singer
came back on stage he was wearing a tight red and white square
sleeveless shirt with strings on top. I'm pretty sure it was a woman's
shirt because it had a V shaped opening in the back. This was actually
better than the previous outfit because he started playing guitar and
singing normally again. During their encore, they played their version
of Supergrass's Alright. It was similar to the original since the
singer's voice is kind of high-pitched and nasal, though they did add
an extended guitar solo.